Vector Services

Vector Tracing | Raster / Bitmap to Vector Conversions | Color Separations

AAAvector provides high quality vector tracing and raster-to-vector conversions at below market prices.  We hand trace all of our artwork.  All of our artists are highly skilled in vector tracing and will complete you order quickly.  We have over 20 years experience in vector art and it shows!!  Take a look at our sample work and then give us a chance to earn your business.  All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Rater files (jpg, bit-map, pdf, gif, etc) are comprised of tiny dots.  You will notice that when you enlarge them, the image becomes blurry and distorted.  Vector files (ai,cdr, eps) are mathematical equations.  These file can be scaled-up and enlarged without loosing any quality or clarity.  Vector files can easily be edited and the colors can be changed in the design.  The stye of art works well for Screen Printers and Sign Markers.

Most vector jobs are only $15 and are completed in 24-hours or less.  Complicated artwork takes more time to vectorize and therefore is slightly more expensive.  Whether you are a screen printer, sign marker or someone who needs a piece of artwork cleaned-up, we want to earn your business.  Give us a try, we will not let you down!

Standard artwork – $15 (most jobs)
Complicated artwork – $18 – $30
Extreme artwork – $30 +


Embroidery Digitizing

Our digitizing service is very high quality and very fast.  Our digitizers have over 20 years experience.  We can convert any files (jpg, eps, pdf, etc) into .DST, .EMB or any other format you need.  These files are  read by embroidery machines and then stitch-out your designs.  We provide an actual sew out FREE of charge with every order.  We also provide a colorsheet or sequence page showing the exact number of stitches, trims, stops, etc.   When it comes to digitizing/embroidery, the “stitch count” is the determining factor for pricing.  We provide free quotes and stitch count estimates.  Send us your image and your required dimensions and let us take a look.  Most jobs are completed within 24 hours with complete satisfaction guaranteed.  Our quality is superior and our pricing is below market.

up to 10,000 stitches  –  $4.00/1,000 sts 
10,000+ stitches          –  $3.00/1,000 sts
   ($15.00 minimum charge per logo)


Clipping Path Services | Photo edits / removals

Clipping Path service provides a way for you to edit photographs.  Using this service, we can delete certain objects from your photos.  What we do is hand trace the objects you want to keep, and delete the rest.  We can delete backgrounds or certain objects (exes/in-laws).  Using this service, we can help you create an entirely new photograph.

Custom Illustrations / Designs

We can create custom illustrations and designs for you.  Our artists are skilled in designing and can help you with your visions and artwork.  We can also complete or alter your current designs.